Incredible Videos of Live Graphic Recording

I was just turned on to a set of videos that show the live graphic recording of fascinating lectures in speeded up time — which makes them incredible to watch. There are videos on a variety of topics, each of them just a few minutes long. Check them out at the RSA website.

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  1. Jim says:

    Dear Konrad,

    Although the RSA recordings are really cool, they are far from “Live” graphic recording. I think they actually hurt the perception of the practice in some ways because a facilitator can land on-site and a customer will think that people can crank out this kind of drawing in real-time. Which nobody can do.

    These are staged and storyboarded, then the action of drawing and writing is sped-up and combined with the audio.

    I think it is a great use of the tools, because telling a story graphically is wonderful and people understand it so much better than just the text or powerpoint.

    But people thinking it is “live” in real time creates a false expectation of a facilitator.

    Thanks for sharing.

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