Practice of the Month: How Powerful is Your Vision?

Even though most of us understand that a powerful vision is critical to achieving what we want, we don’t usually put much attention on the quality or power of our vision.

This month’s practice is all about taking stock of the level of quality of your vision. You can do this practice on any level you choose — individual, group, or organization. You can do it with a big, long-term vision, or any of your smaller, shorter-term visions. Just make sure you explicit identify which vision you are working with in this exercise.

Take some time this month to think about your visioning with a curious and open mind. Use the 7C framework to ask yourself questions and rate your visioning in each of the 7 areas. Plot your ratings on a radar diagram.

What areas of your visioning are strong? Which are weak? What can you do to improve the ratings of the weaker areas? Would other people in your organization give the same ratings you did, or would you expect to see big differences with others? What can you learn from all of this?

You might consider taking some action to improve your visioning. If necessary, find support either inside or outside your organization to make changes. It could be one of the more impactful things you can do right now to make a difference in your organization’s success!

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2 Responses to Practice of the Month: How Powerful is Your Vision?

  1. Joan McIntosh says:

    Nice little model, Konrad . . . and a recent addition to the work with vision is Bob Marshak’s new book/career long interest in Covert Processes in organization. why so many visions never get aloft beyond the initial enthusiasm of the opportunity to imagine a better world, is the embedded and covert beliefs, practices . . . all that stuff that is “underneath the table” that everybody knows about but can’t find the safety to bring it into the light of day. All the best . . . Joan

  2. Konrad says:

    Thanks, Joan, for alerting me to this book and this way of seeing the obstacles to change. I’ll give it a good read!

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