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The 7 C’s of Powerful Vision

How many times have you seen one of those vague, slightly inspiring, but wishy-washy vision statements?  They’re often found buried in a thick report or framed on a wall, overlaying a sublime photo.  Nobody knows quite what they mean, who … Continue reading

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Practice of the Month: How Powerful is Your Vision?

Even though most of us understand that a powerful vision is critical to achieving what we want, we don’t usually put much attention on the quality or power of our vision. This month’s practice is all about taking stock of … Continue reading

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The Secret Power of Visioning

I just saw the new movie called The Secret. While there is a bit of hype that had me snickering a few times, its central theme really got me thinking. Called the Law of Attraction, it’s basically the idea that … Continue reading

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How Not To Do Visioning

A friend recently reminded me about a hilarious little web-based “game” called the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator. Of course, it wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t for the fact that soooo many mission and vision statements out there read … Continue reading

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