Typical Results

Clients typically experience positive business results such as higher customer satisfaction, higher profitability in existing businesses, and inspired growth in new businesses — depending on the nature of the strategic issues we work with.

We generally expect clients will realize an increased value of their business of at least 50 times the cost of the project.  We measure the increase in business value by comparing the cash flow forecasts of the business under the existing business strategy with those under the new business strategy.

After working with us, you can expect the following:

You’ll see the big picture of your situation more clearly. Trends, opportunities, strategic choices — whatever we’re working on — gets mapped out in real time to give your team a big picture view of reality. It becomes much easier to see connections and draw insights.

Your team will reach a consensus on a vision and clear direction. Through a series of carefully planned activities, your team will be supported in getting to a bigger, more expansive vision and a clearer path of execution. The process of working together through each step of the process results in more consensus and buy-in.

You’ll get a clear map of your strategic choices and know which ones to take. Your strategic choices will be mapped out and structured into “levers” and “building blocks”. It becomes much easier to understand your “choice space” and the best path forward.

Your organization’s culture will become more collaborative and creative. Making your company’s most important decisions through a collaborative and creative process makes people feel involved . . . that their ideas are valued. New possibilities open for how people can work together and contribute ideas.

You will have the buy-in, clear plans, and support to make your strategy a reality. Once you have a strategy, the real work begins. You will have a team that has worked together to create a consensus plan with clear gameplans. We provide guidance along the way, create accountability, help develop culture & leadership, and support revision & renewal of the strategy as needed.