Most of our projects create raving fans. Here are a few quotes from people we’ve worked with:

“Konrad’s support, hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in developing our strategic plan and providing us with a clearer vision of the future.”

Mike Brown
Commissioner, California Highway Patrol

“This was the best planning process I’ve come across — and I’ve been part of lots of them. The graphics engaged people and your facilitation skills pulled the nuggets out and kept everyone on track.”

Director of Planning, Hewlett Packard

“The workshop Konrad facilitated resulted in a new HR strategic vision and helped our group develop as a team. Konrad’s skills created an environment that allowed all members to participate and his probing questions guided the team to a vision and strategy that could be communicated to the entire company where none existed before. It is a pleasure to see our vision on the wall for all to see and to set goals and objectives with employees based on the strategy we developed together.”

MaryAnn Worsman
Director of Human Resources, Spacelabs Healthcare

“Konrad is an excellent, engaging, and thought-provoking facilitator — and his visual processes are highly effective.”

William Malek
CEO, IPS Learning

“Konrad, the very visual, fun process you have developed actually made this strategic planning session enjoyable. More importantly, it made the results of the visioning much more robust, realistic, and it received total ownership by my staff. This gives me a great sense of confidence that we will make our vision a reality.

Effective facilitation is an art and you have perfected that art. You kept us focused, on schedule, and made the experience fun.”

Stephen Hutchinson
General Manager, Anesthesia Care, Datex-Ohmeda

“Your work with us has truly been entrepreneurial — from using a focus group to get feedback on the group’s vision to creating a Storymap brochure for our sales team to see how our products come together in a hospital. We’re abuzz about the possibilities revealed by your work!”

Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare