Strategy Mapping

Strategy Mapping is a facilitated strategy development process that addresses complex environments and issues with a clear, visualized strategy. It is significantly deeper and broader than a Strategic Visioning retreat. This service is perfect for a company or business unit that needs a robust strategy development process that involves key members of the organization. It can fit well with existing plans, performance measurement systems, and business processes.

Strategy Retreat Plan

SPOT Analysis

Positioning Map

Success Template


Value Proposition

Strategy Table

Strategy Map

Balanced Scorecard

Strategy Storymap

Example Frame

Your organization will get clear maps of your vision, strategy, performance metrics, and implementation plans. You will:

  • Bring all the best available information and analysis to the table to make the smartest choices;
  • Benefit from the strong buy-in that results from the whole company participating in a collaborative strategic planning process;
  • Harvest the best strategic ideas from people throughout the organization;
  • See all their strategic choices mapped out logically, encouraging new ideas and combinations;
  • Consider multiple strategies to determine which optimizes value for the business and its stakeholders;
  • Build a complete strategy visually, then tie it directly to initiatives, performance metrics, & implementation plans to support making it a reality; and
  • Have fun doing strategy!

Strategy Mapping typically involves four 2-day retreats over a period of 2 to 4 months for a business unit or corporate management team. We use typically use a mixture of projected mindmaps, large wallcharts, and small group charts to structure the process and invite participation. Many of the exercises will be familiar to managers and strategic planners (environmental scans, SWOT analysis, etc.), so this process can integrate easily with other corporate planning activities. Information gathering, idea generation, and data analysis tasks are completed between meetings.

Strategy Mapping works well for developing an overall strategy for a company or business unit. It can also work well to develop strategy that addresses a particular area, such as an internet strategy, a new business development strategy, or a technology strategy.

Strategy Mapping allows a group to effectively work with the full hierarchy of planning activities and decisions that businesses use to reach their objectives. It integrates the four disciplines of Strategy, Visioning, Graphics, and Group Process to create a powerful group experience.

Strategic Planning Hierarchy

The deliverables you receive during the process and after it is complete include:

  • A clear, compelling vision with mission and values, a comprehensive strategy map, a balanced scorecard, and high-level implementation plans;
  • Digitally copies of all meeting charts, suitable for printing, emailing, or posting on intranets or websites (the animation above shows examples of maps created during the Strategy Mapping process);
  • Meeting reports printed in color at 11″x17″ featuring images of each chart and annotations summarizing the meetings and processes (optional); and
  • A written Strategic Plan that summarizes the vision, strategy, performance metrics, and implementation & communication plans developed through the process (optional).

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