Strategic Decision Analysis

Strategic Decision Analysis is a facilitated strategy development process that integrates robust decision & risk analysis to address complex uncertainty with a clear, optimized strategy.  It is another level of depth and breadth beyond Strategy Mapping. This service is a good fit for a company or business unit that needs a strategy development process that is both collaborative and analytical.  It is especially suitable for organizations in industries where there are significant capital allocation decisions that need to be made in the face of complex uncertainty.

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

Decision Hierarchy

Decision Diagram

Scenario Analysis

Decision Tree Analysis

Strategy Table

Sensitivity Analysis

Waterfall Diagram

Probability Distributions

Stock Price Analysis

Strategy Evaluation

Example Frame

Your organization will get a clear strategy that optimizes the value of the business. You will:

  • Develop and map the risk, uncertainty, and scenarios the organization faces;
  • Harvest the best strategic ideas from people throughout the organization to meet those scenarios;
  • Benefit from the strong buy-in that results from the whole company participating in a collaborative strategic planning process;
  • See all strategic choices mapped out visually, encouraging new ideas and combinations;
  • Develop and evaluate multiple cohesive strategies;
  • Model the impact of each decision and risk on the organization’s financials; and
  • Develop a strategy that optimizes value for the business and its stakeholders.

Strategic Decision Analysis is typically a project lasting several months for a business unit or corporate management team. We use visual maps and tools to structure the process and invite participation. Many of the exercises will be familiar to managers and strategic planners (environmental scans, SWOT analysis, etc.), so this process can integrate easily with other corporate planning activities. Information gathering, idea generation, and data analysis tasks are completed between meetings.

Strategic Decision Analysis works well for developing an overall strategy for a company or business unit. It can help an organization develop radically new business models, reinvigorate a declining business, or develop investment strategies for products and technologies.  It also works very well for helping an organization develop innovate ways to respond to uncertainty.

Strategic Decision Analysis allows a group to effectively work with the full hierarchy of planning activities and decisions that businesses use to reach their objectives. It integrates the four disciplines of Strategy, Visioning, Graphics, and Group Process to create a powerful group experience.

The deliverables you receive during the process and after it is complete include:

  • A clear, optimized strategy and high-level implementation plans;
  • Challenge brainstorms, strategy tables, and strategy maps that portray the ideas and thinking behind the chosen strategy;
  • Risk and scenario maps that show the complex environment the organization must respond to;
  • A financial model that evaluates the impact of decision choices and uncertainties;
  • All maps, visual, charts, slides, and reports created during the project; and
  • A written Strategic Plan that summarizes the vision, strategy, performance metrics, and implementation & communication plans developed through the process (optional).

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