Leadership Development

Blue Summit offers a series of leadership development workshops and coaching programs that emphasize collaborative planning, creative visioning, visual communication, group process, and personal development. The workshops are all highly experiential and are infused with the same values and practices as our consulting and facilitation services. They come from a passion for training and a desire to help build capacities in our clients to lead and plan their organizations more effectively. In many cases, these workshops can be paired with our facilitation or consulting services to add impact and effectiveness to the program.

You will receive uniquely powerful training & coaching to develop your strategic leadership skills and make your vision a reality. You will:

  • Get the perspectives and skills to develop into more effective, authentic leaders who can lead high-performance teams;
  • Become more aware of your styles of leadership, communication, and decision-making and how they impact others;
  • Identify gaps in your capacities as a visionary, strategic leader and implement plans to fill those gaps;
  • Learn best practices in collaborative planning, creative visioning, and visual communication;
  • Experience greater cohesion, productivity, and communication in your teams;
  • Gain the necessary skills to help lead the roll-out of a collaborative strategic planning program.

360° Feedback Assessments

Feedback assessments can help you develop personal awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, and habits based on how your peers, subordinates, and superiors see you. This knowledge can then help you develop your leadership capacities to make a bigger and more positive impact on your organization. These assessments can be used with a single individual for self-knowledge or can be part of a program to develop a team of leaders. All assessments include coaching sessions to help participants understand the feedback results and create plans to develop in the areas most needed. We work with the suite of assessment tools offered by the Center for Creative Leadership:

Personality & Style Assessments

This type of assessment can be a powerful tool for growth by providing a model for understanding personal styles and behaviors and assessing where you fit in the model. These models help us understand why we do what we do and how we can grow to become more effective. They also help us understand how others are different from us and how we can work better with them. We work with several models, each of which has been proven over time to provide deep insight for organizational leaders:

Team Performance Workshop

This workshop is an in-depth course in team leadership skills based on the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model. The system is rooted in group process theory and is a robust and complete model for working with strategies and practices for leading teams. Participants learn the model and its underlying principles of team development, explore best practices to address team challenges, and learn how to assess a team with the Team Performance Indicator. This workshop is recommended for team leaders at all levels of an organization, as well as internal development consultants and coaches. The workshop is two days long, but can be compressed into one day. Participants get plenty of practice developing their leadership skills using scenarios and actual cases.

The Enneagram in Leadership

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn about leadership styles, decision-making, communication, and personal effectiveness using the Enneagram Model. The model increases awareness of perceptual styles, automatic habits, how we create our inner realities, and how we affect others. Participants learn the model and its underlying principles of personal development, explore implications and best practices for working with the various styles, and get an assessment of their own styles and issues. The workshop is recommended for leaders at all levels, but is especially powerful when management team members take the workshop together. The workshop is one day long, with an optional team dynamics day for a team to explore their issues and best practices using the model. We include an assessment session before the workshop and a coaching session afterward for each participant.

Strategic Visioning Workshop

This workshop is an in-depth course in the Strategic Visioning process. Participants learn to think and plan visually using big picture graphics. They also learn how to facilitate meetings using the Strategic Visioning process and graphic templates. This workshop is recommended for internal consultants, strategists, project managers, team leaders, or process leaders who want to learn how to lead visual, collaborative planning meetings in their organizations. This workshop is typically used to train internal facilitators to roll out visioning or change management planning meetings to teams throughout the organization. The workshop is two days long with follow-up coaching sessions. There is plenty of opportunity for participants to practice and get feedback during the workshop.

Working with Strategy Maps

This workshop offers an overview and practice in working with the Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards used in the Strategy Mapping process. Participants learn how to think about strategy visually using strategy maps and scorecards. They also learn how to facilitate team meetings to develop these tools. This workshop is recommended for internal consultants, strategists, or process leaders who want to help roll out strategy maps and scorecards to teams throughout the organization. It is most effective when participants have already taken the Strategic Visioning Workshop. The workshop is one day long with follow-up coaching sessions.

Custom Leadership Development & Team Building Workshops

We are often asked to design and facilitate a custom workshop to meet particular goals. We can draw from any of the material described on this page, any of the processes and methods described throughout this site (and a few things we have not included), as well as the materials and expertise of members of our network. We have designed workshops to achieve goals such as:

  • Increasing cohesion and effectiveness of a senior leadership team;
  • Developing the visioning and communication skills of a group of leaders;
  • Supporting key members of two firms entering a joint venture to get to know each other and build trust; and
  • Advancing the strategic thinking and portfolio management skills of a management team.

Bring us a challenge, and see what we can do!

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