Announcing: Global Trends Investment Management

Blue Summit AdvisorsWith a decade of dismal stock market returns and many people losing their savings in Ponzi schemes, investors are understandably losing trust in the markets and their ability to earn worthwhile returns with their investments.

To answer this challenge, I developed the Global Trends investment program. Based on analysis of 38 years of data across more than 30 markets, Global Trends is a quantitative trend following strategy designed to make money in up or down markets. By diversifying across far more markets than just U.S. stocks, trends can always be caught somewhere in the world.

The Global Trends strategy enters long positions in up-trending markets and short positions in down-trending markets. It constantly monitors worldwide markets in stocks, bonds, currencies, metals, energies, and agricultural commodities to find the highest potential trends in the most uncorrelated markets.

Backtests of this strategy over 38 years with actual market data showed an average annual return of 46% with a maximum drawdown of 20%. Performance of real accounts with actual transactions over the past 21 months have seen an annualized return of 82.8%.

More information is available on the Blue Summit Advisors web page, including details about the strategy, market diversification, minimum account sizes, fees, and performance. This program is offered through separately managed accounts.

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