Our New Website Launches

Blue Summit Strategy WebsiteWe’ve just finished a complete rewrite and redesign of our website.  In the process, we’ve moved our domain from BlueSummit.net to BlueSummitStrategy.com, but email addresses will remain the same.  The entire site is now powered by WordPress, which has grown into a full-fledged Content Management System.  It is now much easier to add and update content, or even change the structure of the site.  It is also much easier to optimize the site for search engines.

We updated the visual look and improved the slideshow examples of our work.  The site is now “flash-free”, so animations run quicker and work well on iPhones and iPads.

Almost every page has been rewritten to update the material and refocus our value proposition.  We’ve simplified the service offerings to reflect the latest developments in our work.  There are now 3 levels of depth and rigor in our strategic planning work, ranging from Strategic Visioning, to Strategy Mapping, and finally to the most rigorous, Strategic Decision Analysis.

We’ve focused on the themes that infuse everything we do and differentiate us from typical strategy consultants:

  • Working with large, live visuals to clearly communicate and see the big picture.
  • A collaborative, facilitative approach to designing strategy.
  • Leadership development built into our strategic planning work.
  • A holistic, integral approach to strategy that embraces sustainability.

A multitude of improvements were also implemented across the new website:

  • We improved the “contact us” and “newsletter signup” forms to make them much easier to use.
  • We are now using fonts hosted at TypeKit to improve the readability of the website and give it a more unique look and feel.
  • The photography in the headers has been improved and given more space to communicate the essence of the brand.  One of my hobbies is nature photography, and I’m happy to be able to showcase my art in a way that conveys meaning to my work in the business world.
  • The menu system is redesigned and now responds instantly to user interaction.
  • We set up a caching system so that pages will generally load in a second or less.
  • We took advantage of CSS3 for some of the styling, which allows sophisticated shadowing with needing to load lots of images.  Unfortunately, users with versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE9 will not see those enhancements.
  • A “Quote of the Moment” sidebar element has been designed to rotate randomly selected quotes about strategy and leadership.
  • The newsletter has been redesigned to reflect the new website design.

Check it out!  I’d love to hear any feedback or answer any question you may have.

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