Book Recommendations

See Details at Merchants of Vision
James Leibig
This is one of my favorites for inspiring a sense of what’s possible when smart people apply themselves to pursuing their vision.
See Details at Einstein’s Business
Church Dawson (editor)
A veritable crowd of well-known authors contributed to this exploration of engaging soul, imagination, and excellence in the workplace.
See Details at Blue Ocean Strategy
Kim & Mauborgne
The authors present an elegant metaphor for expanding, low-competition markets that can be created with the right combination of innovation, demand creation, and big-picture thinking.
See Details at Strategy Maps
Kaplan & Norton
This book offers a visual way of thinking about and organizing strategy that allows us to see the connections between intangible assets, business processes, customers, and value creation.
See Details at Built to Last
Jim Collins & Jeffy Porras
Based on six years of research, Collins & Porras find that visionary companies that are sustainably successful share a fanatical devotion to core ideology — mission, purpose, vision, and values.
See Details at Strategy Safari
Henry Mintzberg et al
A wonderful overview of the various perspectives, theories, and approaches developed in the field of strategic management over the past few decades.
See Details at Leading Change
John Kotter
Kotter presents an unusually integrated view of visioning, strategy development, communication, change management, and leadership development.
See Details at Macroshift
Ervin Laszlo
From the viewpoint of systems theory, the planet is in the midst of a massive transformation caused by technology and globalization and their impact on our resources and environment. This book offers intriguing ideas and solutions to ponder.
See Details at The Fifth Discipline
Peter Senge
This updated version of the classic on creating learning organizations includes new thinking and stories of application that inspire and renew this fundamental discipline of leadership.
See Details at Principle-Centered Leadership
Stephen Covey
Covey applies his Seven Habits framework to leadership in organizations. He argues for finding the core in ourselves and our organizations, and developing character and ethics in our leaders.
See Details at Primal Leadership
Daniel Goleman et al
Applying emotional intelligence to leadership, Goleman the authors present a framework for leadership style. Based on research, they argue for developing visionary, coaching, affiliative, and democratic styles to improve performance in organizations.
See Details at Creativity in Business
Michael Ray & Rochelle Myers
Based on the famous Stanford business school course (which was my favorite course of all time), this book explores deep and profound ways of connecting to your creative capacities.
See Details at Crossing the Unknown Sea
David Whyte
A poet who has inspired many in the workplace, Whyte writes beautifully about work as a means for interacting with the world and developing self-expression and identity. Not your usual business book, it brings a sense of aliveness to ideas of work.
See Details at Cultural Creatives
Paul Ray & Sherry Anderson
Another megatrend book that looks at an American subculture of 50 million people that are reshaping the norms, ethics, and buying habits of this country.