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The Science of Motivation

When leaders want to motivate people in an organization to implement a strategy, it is tempting to use a carrot & stick approach — tie compensation to performance, for example.  Well, it turns out that science has shown over and … Continue reading

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Our New Website Launches

We’ve just finished a complete rewrite and redesign of our website.  In the process, we’ve moved our domain from to, but email addresses will remain the same.  The entire site is now powered by WordPress, which has grown … Continue reading

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Announcing: Global Trends Investment Management

With a decade of dismal stock market returns and many people losing their savings in Ponzi schemes, investors are understandably losing trust in the markets and their ability to earn worthwhile returns with their investments. To answer this challenge, I … Continue reading

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Appreciative Inquiry

I was recently asked to facilitate a planning process for the Board of Directors and a few other stakeholders of a non-profit service organization. I chose to use a process called Appreciative Inquiry (AI) because I felt it would be … Continue reading

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Incredible Videos of Live Graphic Recording

I was just turned on to a set of videos that show the live graphic recording of fascinating lectures in speeded up time — which makes them incredible to watch. There are videos on a variety of topics, each of … Continue reading

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Strategy in a Downturn

Creating and sustaining a good long term strategy for growth isn’t easy even when times are good. But what do you do when things are looking worse than your worst case scenario? Conventional Wall Street wisdom says you should abandon … Continue reading

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Complimentary Strategy Audits

For a limited time, we are offering existing and potential clients a complimentary strategy audit. We will work with you to understand and evaluate: The quality and completeness of your existing vision and strategy The robustness of your existing strategy … Continue reading

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Recessions Cause Industry Shakeups

Try as we might, we can never accurately predict the timing or depth of a recession. The best we can hope for is a set of scenarios with probabilities associated with them. As the Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson once said, … Continue reading

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Creativity in Strategic Planning

An example of ineffective strategy is a dry, one-inch-thick report that people only refer to when they need some market numbers, or a PowerPoint slide deck full of esoteric whiz-bang charts put together by a team of consultants. Powerful strategy … Continue reading

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Practice of the Month: How Creative is Your Strategic Planning?

Even though most of us would agree that it’s a good thing to bring more creativity into our strategic planning efforts, much of the time very little attention or effort goes into actually making it happen. This month’s practice is … Continue reading

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