About Blue Summit

Blue Summit is not just our name — it is an inspiring metaphor for our work that has many layers of meaning. It is a visual symbol for big picture thinking, visioning, and possibility. The word “summit” refers to a collaborative effort of leaders working together to reach an important goal. The color “blue” traditionally symbolizes clarity and consciousness. Both of these words point to fundamental aspects of how we do business.

Our Mission

Blue Summit is a strategy facilitation & consulting firm that helps leaders set direction and unleash potential through visual & creative collaboration.  We integrate leadership development and cultural change with strategy design work.

Our Vision

We help people plan and lead organizations using five important principles:

Getting to the Core. We help clients develop visions and strategies that get to the core of what the organization is about and are clearly defined and communicated, so that they can guide the actions of the business. We develop missions and values that reflect the heart and soul of a company, visions that are clear and compelling, and strategies that are innovative and grounded in action.

Developing Transformational Leadership. We train and coach individuals to be effective leaders and visionary thinkers, and to develop access to their inner strength, passion, centeredness, and creativity. Leaders learn how to lead from their core and tap into the deeper capacities of their staff while building skills and knowledge.

Fostering Human Creativity. Our world-class visual facilitation processes access the creative ideas and core motivations of group members. Participants get inspired and engaged, resulting in bolder and more innovative visions and strategies.

Engaging Through Collaboration. Our state-of-the-art collaborative facilitation methods involve participants and get deeper buy-in that lasts. When people get personally involved in creating strategy, they own it and support it when it comes time to implement it.

Creating Sustainable Success. We help organizations sustain long-term success not by focusing on near-term shareholder value, but by focusing on activities that they are passionate about, that they are great at, and that the market will pay for. More and more we find that long-term success also depends on behaving ethically, protecting the natural environment, and giving back to communities.

Our Values

Mastery. We continually develop ourselves, our skills, and our processes. We consistently integrate the best available methodologies and processes into our service offerings.

Exceptional Service. As a small firm, our clients receive highly personalized attention and relate with senior level people with every interaction. We guarantee all our work. If you’re not happy, we fix it. If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Authenticity. We act with trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity. We show up fully – not just as intellectual “talking heads”, but with our hearts, intuitions, and guts as well.