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Ready to clearly “see” your strategy?

Does your group or business lack a clear vision and direction that everyone understands and can articulate? Are you a manager in a company or business unit that needs a robust strategy to follow that maximizes its potential to succeed in a complex, changing environment?

85% of executives believe their company does an inadequate job of setting and communicating direction.

Typically, there is no clear vision or strategy. Or there’s not enough agreement, involvement, or buy-in. Or few people understand it or can communicate it clearly.  Or the strategy did not receive the creativity, research, or thoughtfulness it should have.

Blue Summit offers total solutions to facilitate strategic planning.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients from well-known Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and non-profits. Clients typically experience:

  • Clearly “seeing” their vision and strategy
  • True collaboration resulting in more buy-in and effective implementation
  • Thinking bigger and more strategically, while actually having fun doing strategy
  • Leadership development and cultural change integrated with strategy design
  • Positive results such as higher customer satisfaction, higher profitability in existing businesses, and inspired growth in new businesses
  • Increased value of their business of at least 50 times the cost of the project
We specialize in visual strategy facilitation and consulting.

Why?  Most of us process information much more effectively when it is developed and presented visually.  A study by the U.S. Department of Labor found that 83% of human learning occurs visually.  The study also indicated that information which is communicated visually is retained up to six times greater than information which is communicated by text alone.  In our experience, groups that work with visual planning tools are more creative, more easily see the big picture, work more collaboratively, and communicate more clearly about their strategies and visions.

Read more of the story of how we deliver more value than typical strategy consultants here.

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